AERI's aims
  The CD-ROM La Résistance en France, une épopée de la liberté ("The Resistance in France, an epic about freedom")
  The production of new CD-ROMs dealing with La Résistance in each région in France

The CD-ROM, The Resistance in France, an epic of freedom


The journal "L'Histoire" commented that: "This enterprising CD-ROM will serve as one of the reference points in multimedia production." (L'Histoire, n 224, September 1998).

" This multimedia memorial, dedicated to the "Army of Shadows", is a hymn to freedom" according to "Le Monde", (10-11 august 1997).

After having participated in the 1994 exhibition entitled, "Ensemble ils ont libéré la France" ("Together they liberated France"), organized by le Musée de l'Armée to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Liberation, AERI, between 1994 to 1997, laid the foundations for the creation of the first multimedia production dedicated to the French Resistance movement. This CD-ROM, La Résistance en France , une épopée de la liberté (the Resistance Movement in France , an epic of freedom ) was produced in co-operation with the digital publishing house Montparnasse Multimédia and under the auspices of an historical committee presided over by Laurent Douzou.

A genuine encyclopaedia on the French Resistance movement, this CD-ROM is an outstanding reference guide to find out about, and understand, this critical period of history. It is articulated around three chapters: the Epic, the Adventures and the Discovery.

This interactive history of the French Resistance movement from 1940 to 1944, narrated by Ivan Levaï includes:

  • More than a 100 scenes
  • 1 500 listed and commented events
  • 1 500 pictures, some of which never shown before
  • more than 700 notes
  • a more than three-hour account of historical events
  • two hours of archives and audio testimonies
  • an animated and illustrated chronology
  • a map of France
  • an index
  • a tool to collect texts and print them
  • a powerful research device available at any time allowing direct access to information.

This CD-ROM was endorsed by the Ministry of National Education, and was awarded the accolade "Selection" by the newspaper Le Monde and its supplement Le Monde de l'Education.

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