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The songs of the Resistance
and the Liberation,
By Anna Marly (audio CD)


With a goal of history and learning, Anna Marly sought to gather on one audio CD all the songs of the Resistance and the Liberation which would be available in colleges, libraries, and museums of the Resistance.

The CD is comprised of 15 songs :
La complainte du Partisan
La barque
Le collégien et la fée
Sur un pont
Sur les routes de province
Un soldat siffle au loin
Le chant des Partisans
La plus belle chanson
Tu appartiens au lendemain
Le dimanche des Rameaux
Paris est à nous
La larme
Les cloches de Paris

> The CD is accompanied by a booklet, reproducing the text and the music of the songs, which is illustrated by photographs of Anna Marly. Inserted in the front of the booklet is a text of Anna Marly as well as a letter from General de Gaulle. The CD is dedicated to Pierre Brossolette.

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