AERI's aims
 The CD-ROM La Résistance en France, une épopée de la liberté ("The Resistance in France, an epic about freedom")
 The production of new CD-ROMs dealing with La Résistance in each région in France

The CD-ROM project on the Resistance Movement in the regions of France


CD-ROMs available in the framework of the national project: collection ‘Histoire en Mémoire 1939-1945”

Following the release of the “Resistance movement in France : an epic of freedom” CD-ROM, AERI started a programme intended to mobilize historians from all regions to take part in making CD-ROMs about local resistance organisations.

Such a programme, still in progress, is based on the idea that the Resistance movement is fundamentally a grass-roots phenomenon. People suffered from the German occupation; they witnessed resistance fighters at work and have kept a vivid memory of it.

The programme has been launched in some 8O departments

Our teams collect historical facts and draw up chronologies. Supported by substantial documentation, they strive to give a more in-depth view of local resistance organisations, most of the time solely partially known through monographs, witnesses and academic research works.

One of the aims of this programme is to recognize resistance action broadly within each French department or region. Our teams work to unearth and explain not solely the role of the official Resistance movement but also the resistance activities of individuals and groups, which, of their own volition, contributed to the Resistance movement (smugglers along the demarcation line or charities which protected Jewish people and foreign refugees). They stress the civic responsibility and humanistic values that prevailed in the Resistance movement.

Our network is currently composed of about a hundred teachers and professors integrated within local teams, and supported by archivists, librarians…

The originality of such research work lies in the decentralization of the programme, in order to take into account the local idiosyncrasies. The specificity of our research work is to question all the forms of the Resistance movement, whatever their significance in regard to history. Lastly, our teams, made up of former resistance fighters and historians, helps in preserving the testimonies and bringing a scientific approach, which is the only way to understand the truth in optimal conditions.

The year 2003 was marked by the release of the first works of AERI, all in the framework of the national collection, with “Histoire en Mémoire, 1939-1945’, a four-year-project, and the first two CD-ROMs: the Resistance movement in Corsica , and in the Oise , the first in a long series of regionally-focused productions.

In 2004, our CD-ROMs about the Resistance movement in the Yonne, in Calvados, in Ardèche, in the Manche, in Haute-Marne, along with the DVD-ROM about the Resistance movement in Ile-de-France were released.

In 2005, we developed and released CD-ROMs on the Resistance movement in Charente , in Indre-et-Loire and in Orne.

In June 2006, the CD-ROM on the Resistance movement in Lozère was released, then Haute-Savoie in November, followed by the Drôme, Doubs, Landes …

All our products are available in our online library



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