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  An historical recollection of the french Resistance movement

Collections of short works,
co-edited by Editions Tirésias :
« Histoire pour Mémoire »


These short works recount the experiences of those who either participated in the Resistance or were affected by the Deportation.

Already Published Works :

  • Retour à la vie, by: Yves Béon, introduction by Stéphane Hessel and presented by Jacques Delarue : account of the liberation of the concentration camps and the terrible struggle to return to daily life in France after the libration. The challenge of a society recovering and healing from the atrocity and violence of war and the complexity of reintegration into society.
  • Guy Le Corre, Un cheminot rennais dans la Résistance, 1941-1944 : Guy Le Corre formed part of the Manipule Network ; he explains his engagement and the daily resistance of the Breton Railway.
  • Ailleurs demain, of Louis Rivière who was very young when he first entered the Resistance and was later deported to Sachsenhausen and the Heinkel concentration camp.
  • Itinéraire d’un résistant des Cévennes à la Libération, of Roger Coutarel. The story of a man from the south of Cévennes, protestant, and the current President of the FNDIRP.

> The CD is accompanied by a booklet, reproducing the text and the music of the songs, which is illustrated by photographs of Anna Marly. Inserted in the front of the booklet is a text of Anna Marly as well as a letter from General de Gaulle. The CD is dedicated to Pierre Brossolette.

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